3 Must Have Things For The Beach Day!

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Who doesn't want to spend a day on lovely shores? A weekend/Holiday with family or our loved ones is always a blessed moment. The beach provides several opportunities to take in the fresh air and sunshine. Get some fresh sea water on your skin by going for a swim in the ocean. Allow your skin to absorb some vitamin D by lying down on a towel. Set up a beach volleyball net and play a game or two. If you don't want to go, bring a picnic and remain to watch the sunset over the ocean!

We can protect our beaches with some simple actions. You can minimize your carbon footprint by walking more and switching to fluorescent light bulbs. Avoid using as many plastic goods as possible, as many of them wind up in the water. They have the potential to devastate coastal ecosystems. It is important to protect our beaches from pollutants.



Beach days are fun. We can protect our skin and hair from the harmful side effects of beach day fun with some tricks. TIGI Bed Head Beach Me Wavy Hair Spray will help to define and control curls. This wavy hair product gives a flexible hold to waves and curls to help manage and define them. Even in humid conditions, the lightweight mist helps minimize frizz and flyaways leaving curly and wavy hair glossy, smooth, and defined. It also includes UV protection, which filters out the sun's damaging UV rays and protects hair. Ideal for frizz-prone wavy and curly hair, especially in humid climates. Straighter hair can also benefit from the use of this product to produce waves. For a beachy texture, spray on damp hair, scrunch it, and let air dry. Style Controllers to add hold and help decrease frizz for curls and waves. The Beach Breeze Fragrance comes with this 100 ml finest curly hair spray.


The next product for the protection of hair on beach days is TIGI Bed Head Beach Bound Heat Protectant Spray. Beach Bound by Bed Head is a heat protection spray that also moisturizes, nourishes, smooths knotted hair, protects hair from styling heat and UV radiation, and prevents hair breakage. It forms a barrier to keep humidity out and frizz at bay. Keep your hair looking healthy, hydrated, and tangle-free. It looks great on all hair types, but especially on colored hair, which is more prone to frizz due to the chemical coloring procedure. Spray moist hair all over, concentrating on the ends. Anti-Humidity Shields are included in the formula for smooth, tangle-free, and frizz-free hair. The Repair Active Technology strengthens hair and reduces breakage. Soft Style Molecules to get rid of flyaways, UV Complex to filter and protect against dangerous sun rays, and Sunflower Seed Oil as a source of vitamins are all included in the Surface Nourishment Emulsion. Beach Breeze is the scent of Beach Bound Heat Protection Spray.


Beach day with kids is like heaven on earth. Kids love to play on the sand. CubicFun Beach Toy Includes an elephant sand bucket, a shovel, a rake, and 4 cute animal molds. This is a lot of fun and kids will play with it. This toy will improve their creative skills with role play with the aminal-shaped toys. Fun with a shovel will help to improve the motor skills and development of muscles.

We wish you great holidays with full protection from the UV and other harm full pollutants.

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