5 Things that cause remote controller battery drain fast!

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TVs are changing as technology grows. Same as remotes, we are getting every technology at our fingertips. As remote giving more functions, we are all facing the issues of sudden battery draining. Have you ever thought about this before? We will explain some reasons for battery draining in reports in this post.


  1. Remote keeping position


Where you keep your remote at home? Yeah, this is important when you are misplacing remote at some places. Tossing your remote control on a coffee table and hiding it under a blanket of magazines, books, and other large objects is the most obvious way for your remote-control batteries to drain effortlessly. These items will keep pushing down on the power button, exhausting the batteries. When you're not using your remote control, put it away in a designated location. Most of the remote controllers are using AAA and AA batteries.


  1. Random pressing


Usually, every remote has a delay between transmission and receiving. We should give that time to remote for the response. The battery will be exhausted if you push buttons during the waiting period. The most popular approach is to turn off the cable box for 5 minutes. It would reset the cable box in most situations & helps to avoid the remote controller wait. Low power battery may cause the receiver box to be slow to respond. Some of the best AAA batteries to use for remotes given below. Energizer AAA Batteries combo pack is a great value-for-money combo from Stabeto online store. It will Protect from harmful leaks when left in low-drain devices for up to two years following use. Energizer Alkaline Power delivers the consistency of a leading global brand of batteries for your daily energy needs. Energizer battery combo designed to provide better performance to be more leak-resistant (vs. Carbon Zinc batteries). Panasonic AAA Batteries are another recommendable best performance battery. Panasonic AAA is also available in Stabeto online store at the best price. The high energy of Panasonic AAA batteries offers the precise and powerful energy needed in high drain devices. As the world's largest producer of batteries, Panasonic serves the varied demands of the consumer. Without a doubt, the most asset of the ZINC CARBON AA battery is its low cost due to the zinc technology that has been in use all over the world for a long time.


  1. Signal transmission blocking


For your remote control's signal to hit your TV or other gadgets you are attempting to control, such as a DVD player, set up box, etc. It needs to have a clear direction. When there are items in the way, such as chairs or smoking glass doors on an entertainment shelving device, the remote control will not function. As a result, clicking buttons repeatedly to get the remote control to operate would kill the power. As a result, clicking buttons repeatedly to get the remote control to operate would empty the batteries. Maintain a direct road to your audiovisual devices. If the entertainment shelving device doors are producing signal disturbance, open or close them.


  1. Batteries that are aged or mixed


Old and mixed batteries will drain your remote control. It is not a safe idea to combine old and new batteries. It would lower average efficiency and raise the risk of battery leakage or breakup. Better to replace the batteries before it's getting old. Your remote control can only operate intermittently or not at all if it is powered by old batteries or a combination of old and new batteries. To get the remote control to function, you can find yourself clicking the buttons randomly, further exhausting the battery. Keep a note on what you need to upgrade the batteries, and never use an outdated battery in a remote control that needs to be replaced.


  1. Avoid unnecessary use


For keeping a long life for the remote you should avoid unwanted uses with it. Any time you push a remote control button, a limited amount of battery energy is used. To stop the trial and error button pressing during the process, read your owner's manual before programming your remote control and television. To conserve battery life, the program just the settings that you need. Don't want to work out what the buttons on the remote control do by "playing" with them.

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