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Venice Bay Ltd Uk is an international distribution company based in London, founded in 2019. We owe our success to always be loyal to our suppliers and customers and believe that a well-supported communication protocol and profitability for both parties are essential to create and maintain a fruitful long term business relationship.

Venice Bay Wholesale is a private limited owned international trading and distribution company. Our management has many years of experience in the fields of importing and distributing. The basic function of the company is to source, market and distribute brand products.

Upstyle Ltd is our parent company started in 2018 and the company has grown rapidly since then and now employs over 25 people with warehouse and office space IIndia ,Ireland & London. Under the umbrella of Upstyle Ltd Uk our parent company we have several business ventures like Defnu.com, Stabeto.com, offline retail and wholesale as well.

We deal in all major brands of Cosmetics, Skin Care and high-end Beauty & Hair Care, Make-up products, Health Supplements and more through our customers and suppliers all around the globe.

Through our network, we have the possibility to fulfill almost any requirement on a high service level.

We are able to deal with major manufacturers, suppliers, supermarkets and other retailers worldwide. We are continuously sourcing products, which we feel have the potential to impact on the market. We have all the necessary experience and knowledge to ensure the success of our customers.

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