Duracell Plus MN1400 Alkaline C Batteries - 4-Pack

Duracell Plus MN1400 Alkaline C Batteries - 4-Pack

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Brand: Duracell


  • A powerful battery for everyday use in devices such as alarm clocks, flashlights, remote controls, telephones, etc.
  • 3 x longer than conventional zinc carbon batteries
  • Reliable energy source due to SCG (superconductive graphite) technology.
  • Baby C, pack of 4.

Binding: Electronics

Details: Product Description Duracell Plus - Advanced longer life* The Duracell Plus technology in AA / AAA has been improved for advanced longer life*. The reliable energy source of Duracell Plus AA/AAA now lasts even longer than before. Duracell Plus - at the heart of your devices for all your power needs. *vs.previous Duracell AA / AAA Plus FACTS Advanced longer life New & Improved Formula SCG (Super Conductive Graphite) Technology Reliable Energy Source SOME FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. Have all the alkaline batteries in the Duracell portfolio been upgraded? All of the alkaline batteries in the Duracell portfolio in AA and AAA have been upgraded. 2. Can I mix new batteries with old batteries in my device? No, do not mix old and new batteries. 3. Can I mix batteries with different capacities in my device? No, batteries of matching capacities should be used within your device. 4. Does the new formulation for AA / AAA alkaline products influence the environmental sustainability? The new formulation does not change the environmental sustainability of these batteries since they will continue to be made primarily from the common metals steel, zinc and manganese, all of which are recyclable metals. When the batteries become waste Duracell will pay for them to be collected and recycled as required by the new EU Battery Directive. In order to minimise the impacts on the environment from waste batteries Duracell recommends that consumers dispose of their used batteries within the battery collection system in their country. 5. What are the anode, cathode and electrolyte? These are the basic components of a battery and like other alkaline batteries are: The anode is the negative electrode and is made of zinc. The cathode is the positive electrode and is made of manganese dioxide. The electrolyte is an aqueous solution that allows transport of ions between the electrodes and is made of potassium hydroxide. 6. What is their life expectancy for best performance? Duracell has a freshness guarantee of 7 years and guarantees performance during that time. As there are thousands of various devices and usage there is no one performance life expectancy that is given. Box Contains 4 x Duracell Plus MN1400 alkaline C-Size batteries

Package Dimensions: 7.2 x 5.1 x 0.7 inches

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